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Turner Construction Company, was founded in 1902 by Henry C. Turner and DeForrest H. Dixon. Throughout his career, Henry C. Turner referred to his clients as "respected friends." This philosophy - integrity, concern for quality and service to clients - continues today. Through teamwork and partnering, a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to getting it right the first time, Turner Construction continues to be a leader in providing building construction services.

It might appear that Turner today, with a staff of over 4,000 completing approximately $6 billion of construction annually, bears little resemblance to the operation begun by Henry Turner in 1902. Despite the growth, Turner remains closely tied to the values of our heritage. The emphasis on quality and integrity, service to clients and concern for each individual within the organization remains primary. These principles have served the company well, and they will continue to guide Turner Construction in the pursuit of new opportunities.

The Mystic Sea Aquarium. A Turner Construction Project.

The Turner Construction success story, like many construction contractor's success is partly due to the efficiency and productivity of their sub-contractors, namely the drywall sub-contractor. In 1999, a drywall company named Interior Builders, Inc. was hired by Turner to complete the dryrwall portion of the Mystic Sea Aquarium project in Mystic, CT. It was a difficult job because the schedule was tight with $5,000.00 per day damages and the framing was mostly custom cuts on heavy gauge metal studs.

With a Stud Chopper at the job site, much time was saved and manpower was freed up to do fabrication instead of running chop saws. One man on the Stud Chopper was able to pre-cut the whole job ahead of the production needs.

This was the first time staff and managers at Turner Construction had seen a Stud Chopper in action and they were delighted to finish this difficult job on time and within budget.

Turner Construction ProjectTurner Construction at Mystic
Mystic Sea Aquarium