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Stud Chopper "Jr Deluxe" Features

The Stud Chopper "Jr Deluxe" is the perfect metal stud cutting machine for the drywall framing contractor.

     The Stud Chopper "Jr Deluxe" cuts from 3 1/2" up to 8", 16 gauge studs and track. It also cuts any angle. An optional blade is available to cut smaller material.
     Cuts at 30 cuts per minute.
     Stud Chopper's front and rear adjustable stop allows for quick set up and reliable repetitive cuts.
     Stud Chopper's patented LIFE TIME BLADE.
     Operates on standard 110 VAC and comes with a 25 ft. heavy duty 12 gauge line cord.
     24" wide 36" deep 54" high weighs 450 lbs.
     Hand truck design with rear wheels and handles for easy mobility around the job site.
     All Stud Choppers are built with safety in mind.
     No consumables
     No set up time

If you need a high production stud cutter that doesn't need replacement blades, operates on 115 volts, is portable and is 100% quiet, your search is over!!!

You will never get another complaint from a neighbor or landlord about the noise because the Stud Chopper Jr. Deluxe produces clean cuts without noise, sparks or smoke.

The savings on chop saw blades alone will pay for the machine and you get the added production for free. Now that's a real return on investment!

Just like it's big brothers, the Stud Chopper Jr. Deluxe is a complete stud shear system and if you are not using it, you are losing money.