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Molton SteelSteel logo designed by: Frank E. Smith at Westbury Graphics (203)723-2119 has long been the building material of choice for commercial construction for reasons of strength, durability and stability. Recyclability and recycled content are another factor that has moved to the forefront of benefits. Steel construction material is every bit as recyclable as the steel can found in kitchens across America. In fact, the steel used in construction projects today may have been made from steel cans and other steel products recycled yesterday. This is possible because steel scrap is an essential ingredient in making new steel. As steel is recycled, it maintains its strength and integrity so it can be made into one quality product after another.

It is for these reasons that steel has taken hold in other forms of construction, including residential home building, standing seam metal roofs and large construction projects, including steel bridges.

Steel Framed HomeHome Building

Builders across the United States and Canada are constructing all types of steel-framed homes: multi-family housing developments, retirement homes and single-family residences. An estimated 55,000 homes were built in 1995 with steel framing.

There are many benefits of using steel framing: it's light weight, cost effective, noncombustible, performs well in high wind and seismic areas and resists corrosion. Of course, once the home has lived out its useful life, the steel framing can be recycled. By the year 2002, an estimated 25 percent of all new homes built in the United States will be totally or partially framed in recycled, recyclable steel.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Steel RoofThe overall recycling rate of steel products in North America is nearly 64 percent--the highest of any construction material. Building professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using recyclable metal roofing materials for retrofit applications over old non-metallic roofs. This helps avoid expensive tear-off and disposal of solvent and chemical-based materials, which often end up in the landfill.



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