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Today's automation of the machinery that build prefabricated houses, also called prefab houses, has changed a lot the past few years. Today's equipment have powerful computer systems with graphic displays and touch screen monitors. It has never been easier to train and educate employers as it is today. With today's technology a whole plant can be controlled from the office and every house panel can be followed through every phase of production.

Administration data, like sales, data can be transferred from the panel line directly into the administration program. Quality control on the prefabricated houses can be infinitely fined tuned giving the customer the quality and value they expect.

The customers realize hundreds of options for their prefabricated houses and the manufacturing plant will be set up as desired with every imaginable custom feature. When it comes to automation the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Prefabricated houses or prefab houses, as there're called, are becoming more fashionable these days, especially when built with metal studs instead of wood. Steel stud framing is a superior alternative to wood stud framing.

prefabricated houses prefab houses


  • Steel is lighter than other framing materials - yet provides the highest strength to weight ratio.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable - it is the most recycled construction material on earth.
  • Steel is non-combustible (NFPA statistics state that wood is 3rd. most commonly first-ignited material).
  • Steel is not susceptible to termites or like pests.
  • Steel has less structural maintenance ~ It does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep.
  • Steel is dimensionally stable (steel is straight, does not expand or contract with moisture content).
  • Steel is made from 68% of recycled material.
  • Steel can be erected with relatively unskilled labor.
  • Steel has design flexibility ~ Clear spans capabilities virtually eliminate load-bearing walls and allow for larger open spaces.
  • Steel is banker friendly ~ Banks have no reservations in lending for permanent structures.