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METALCON 2000 Atlanta, GA

We launched Stud Chopper at the Metalcon 2000 show held in Atlanta, GA in October of 2000. Getting our feet wet at our first trade show was an awesome experience. Stud Chopper was the hit of the show, and many important contacts were made, hundreds of leads were collected, and we learned so much from attendees about other possible markets for Stud Chopper.

This show spawned the idea for the Stud Chopper Model "E". More than half the people that come to our booth said..."OK we like the concept, but can I get one without the job box and with an electric motor instead of gas?" In a few months we developed the Model "E" (electric) and unveiled it at the Metalcon 2001 show in Las Vegas in October.

AWCI WALLS & CEILINGS 2001 Nashville, NT

The second show we entered was the AWCI Walls & Ceilings 2001 show held in Nashville, TN in March of 2001. The show was fantastic. Lots of leads, more ideas and lots of fun. The people were really enthusiastic about our product and the Stud Chopper name is starting to get around.

METALCON 2001 Las Vegas, NV

This show was held just a month after the "9/11" World Trade Center disaster. Show officials stated that attendance was off by 23%, but in spite of that, it was a very good show. We made just as many contacts as prior shows and are still making sales based on contacts we made there.

METALCON 2006 Tampa, FL

More than 8,000 professionals from over 40 countries travel to participate in this annual event. Architects, engineers, contractors (roofing, residential, and metal building), developers, and building owners attend the only show of its kind anywhere.

Once again, the Stud Chopper on site stud shear systems has proven themselves as a show stopper with their impressive demonstrations of speed, safety, clean, quiet performance. After seeing these amazing machines in action, it becomes quite clear why this company's montra remains: "MAKES YOU MONEY OR YOUR MONEY BACK"

METALCON 2007 Las Vagas

Best show ever for us! We introduced our new E-5 model Stud Chopper at this show and it was a hit. The E-5 is a 5 horse power electric portable Stud Chopper that's fast and powerful but yet portable.

Metalcon 2007

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