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Using Metal Studs Make Drywall Framing Easy; Walls Strong and Straight.

Metal Studs Steel Studs Metal studs twist in place within steel track to simplify framing.
With metal studs you simply position the top and bottom track, then twist metal studs into place. Steel studs into steel track, it's that easy.

Metal studs are 60% lighter than wood studs of the same outside dimensions.
That makes metal studs a snap to handle. But don't let their light weight fool you. Once the drywall is screwed in place, the steel framed wall has the same lateral strength as a wood framed wall. This is based on 25-ga. steel studs with 5/8" drywall.

Uniform quality from metal stud to metal stud.
Every steel stud is precision engineered to be straight and strong. There are no knots, no twists, no splits, no splinters - none of the quality problems of wood studs.

Problem free.
Unlike wood studs, steel studs don't shrink, swell, crack, warp or rot. You'll forget about nail pops.

Easier, better attachments.
Screwgun and screws replace hammer and nails.

Prepunched holes for wiring and/or plumbing.
Saves you time and effort to cut holes for utility services. Snap-in grommets protect wiring and copper pipe.

Termiteproof and Fireproof.
Two more important advantages of steel stud framing. Bugs can't eat steel studs and steel studs can't spread fire.

Easy to correct errors.
Installed a metal stud out of place? No problem. It's easily moved to the correct position. A reversible screwgun quickly remover any fastener.

Convenient 10-piece Bundling. A 10-piece bundle of standard 25-gauge steel studs weighs only 30 lbs. for convenient job-site handling.