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Before you buy Home Building Plans

Home Building PlansEvery new home begins with a plan. Some homebuyers hire an architect to create a custom design. Others purchase stock plans from a building plans publisher. Which option is right for you? Begin your search by exploring these five options.

Browse Through Catalogs
You will find thousands of stock building plans in hefty catalogs which include floor plans and elevation drawings. If you see a house you like, you can order complete construction drawings.
Top 10 House Plan Collections

Surf The Web
Many house plan publishers have Web sites with powerful search engines to help you find plans for the size and style you seek. Listed here are our favorites.
House Plan Publishers on the Web

Go Back In Time
Do you favor the old, traditional styles? Why not look at the original building plans used in days gone by? These plans won't have the detailed specifications you need to construct your home, but they are a good starting place for recreating historic designs.
Top Victorian Planbooks

Draw Your Own
Even if you can't draw a straight line, you can use these computer programs to create floor plans and 3-D views for your dream house.
Top 5 Home Design Programs For Beginners

Get Help From Pros
Most homeowners who purchase stock plans find that they need to make a few alterations. Sometimes, the stock plan is merely a starting point for creating an original design. Who do you hire?
Do You Need An Architect?