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Hilti Tools

Hilti Tools Hilti Tools

Hilti manufactures and sells products and systems in the areas of fastening, demolition, installation, firestop and construction chemicals to the construction trade. Founded in 1941 in Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein, the Hilti Group is a leader in their field.

Anchoring Systems

Mechanical Medium Duty Anchors Mechanical Light Duty Anchors Mechanical Heavy Duty Anchors Kwik-Con II Plus Concrete Screw Anchors HVA Adhesive Anchor System HIT Adhesive Injection Anchors Epoxy Adhesive Anchor System Accessories

The right solution for every fastening job: safety anchors for use in compression and tension zones of concrete components, universal anchors, special anchors, injection systems and fasteners for insulating materials.

Construction Chemical Systems

Dispensers Construction Chemicals Accessories

Sealants and adhesives for interior and exterior uses, inuslating and filling foams for residential and commercial structures, maintenance chemicals such as cleaners and degreasers, and concrete repair products.

Diamond Cutting, Coring and Sawing Systems

Hand Held Core Rigs Diamond Blades Diamond Bits Core Rigs Angle Grinders Accessories Abrasive Blades

Hilti tools like coring systems, diamond bits and blades, and abrasives for cutting and drilling into reinforced concrete and other materials.

Drilling and Demolition Systems

Tools Ground Rod Drivers Chisels Bits Accessories

High performance Hilti tools like rotary hammer drills, versatile combihammers, and powerful breakers. Drill bits and Hilti tools and anchors are precision-engineered for matched systems, ensuring optimum fastening quality.

Firestop Systems

Wrap Strip Trowelable Speed Spray Speed Plugs Putties Firestop Accessories Fire Foam Fire Blocks Dispensers Collars Caulks and Sealants Cast in Place

An innovative line of firestop systems designed to prevent the passage of smoke, water and fire through penetrations in fire-rated construction assemblies.

Installation Systems

Strut Systems Hanger Systems Accessories

Installation systems including channels, struts, saddle nuts, baseplates, end caps, ties, angles, clamps, connectors, bases, supports, brackets, clevis hangers, insulation shields, riser clamps, split rings, rods, and more.

Positioning Systems

Steel Detection Rotating Lasers Measuring Lasers Leveling - Aligning Lasers Accessories

These Hilti tools insure accuracy on every job.

Powder Actuated Fastening Systems

Tools Studs Specialty Fasteners Pins Parts Marking Characters Clips Boosters Accessories

Reliable and economical fastening using Hilti powder-actuated (DX) tools and a comprehensive fastener program. All DX tools use the Hilti piston principle to maximize safety in all fastening applications.

Screw Fastening Systems

Tools Specialty Screws Sheet Metal Screws Self-Drilling Screws Drywall Screws Accessories

These Hilti tools provide a comprehensive program of electric screw drivers and fasteners. Drivers, attachments, inserts, bits and screws have been designed for each other, making all components available from one supplier.

Wood Systems

Wood Systems Blades Wood Systems Bits Wood Systems Bi-Metal Hole Saws Wood System Accessories Bit Packs Arbors

A generous array of Hilti tools, systems and connectors to increase productivity can be seen at the Hilti WEB SITE