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Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters were the only tool a drywall contractor or manufacturer had available to them for cutting heavy gauge metal studs wider than 8" and at different angles. Now there is a revolutionary new machine called the Stud Chopper that cuts heavy gauge metal studs and track up to 14", up to 12 gauge and at any angle in 2 seconds with a life-time blade. NEVER BUY CHOP SAW BLADES OR PLASMA SUPPLIES AGAIN!"

Plasma cutters slow down production and are very expensive to run. A single Stud Chopper with one operator will free up people working on chop saws and plasma cutters to work on real production. With the Stud Chopper there are no extra consumables or supplies to buy. Often, chop saws and plasma cutters leave very ruff, sharp edges on the metal studs that have to be removed by hand. Not only is this a waste of time, but those sharp edges are hazardous to the workers.


The original mobile Stud Chopper is gas powered and was built specifically to cut heavy gauge steel studs at the construction site.

The stationary electric Stud Chopper Is used in the manufacturing or plant environment.

The Stud Chopper "Jr. Deluxe" is used for cutting light gauge metal studs and track up to 16 guage. Cuts 1-5/8" tthough 8" and is powered by a 115-volt electric hydraulic unit. The Stud Chopper "Jr." operates mechanically and will quickly and quietly cut all of your 25 gauge and 20 gauge studs and track up to six inches in width. It will also cut a wide range of angles.

The people at Stud Chopper Tools are excited about our products and about being involved in the steel stud framing industry. We believe that it is an industry poised for growth and Stud Chopper Tools, LLC is committed to providing the tools necessary to help fuel this growth.